Seven NPSD Residents Wanted for 311 West Main Task Force

Council adopted an ordinance Wednesday establishing the task force.

is looking for a few good men, and women, and artists, and musicians, and actors, and theater directors, and recreation planners …

Borough council Wednesday night unanimously approved an amendment to the administrative legislation of the borough code,

And now, it wants seven North Penn School District residents to fill positions on the task force. Letters must be given to borough President Matt West by Sept. 2.

You need not be a resident of Lansdale to join the task force.

According to the ordinance, each member of the force shall either be a resident of the North Penn School District; maintain a business that operates, in part, within the North Penn School District; or be employed by a business which operates, in part, within the North Penn School District.

Furthermore, if you are a member of the arts and entertainment community, you need not live in the North Penn School District. However, you should have an established background in arts and entertainment.

Members will be appointed by council by Oct. 17.

Once established, the task force will meet at least once a month.

West said he made sure the motion came before council Wednesday, as .

“What this is going to do is establish a task force to directly focus on the future of 311 West Main,” said council president Matt West. “I am putting out an All Points Bulletin to anybody that would like to be involved.”

The entire task force will comprise 11 people. Aside from seven residents, three will be council members, and the borough manager fills the last spot.

“I’m saying … as an announcement to all borough residents, to council, if you know anybody who would be a good fit for this task force, if you please could just put together a letter of interest, addressed to me,” West said.

He said a dissertation or life history on performing arts experience is not necessary.

“Just give me a good snapshot of why you should be considered for a position on the task force, what your vision for 311 West Main is, and how your involvement can help achieve that goal,” he said. “We need to move on this, but we are going to be very deliberate in the selection of people who are going to serve on this task force.”

West said it is a rather large task force, and the borough needs to take its time in choosing the right people.

“Spread the word,” he said.

A copy of the ordinance is available on the borough website. You can also read the ordinance in our photo gallery.

Furthermore, Borough Manager Timi Kirchner revealed Wednesday night how much has been put into the defunct performing arts center to date.

Total expenditures totaled $4,035,576. Of that, $450,000 was expended on the purchase price, she said.

As far as grants received for the initial project, Kirchner said Montgomery County granted $976,280 through revitalization funds.

The state granted $500,000, and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development granted $58,000.

Total grants were $1,534,280, she said.

Local expenses for the arts center totaled $2,501,296.

“With regard to county involvement,” Kirchner said, “we are in constant contact with the county, and we expect the county to continue to work with the 311 West Main Task Force. They stated they look forward to doing so.”

Brian Rox August 19, 2011 at 02:02 AM
My wife Amy Rims would be perfect for this position. She's has been doing so much work organizing the fun-a-day for Lansdale, doing the First Fridays, and getting Art in our town. this would be a perfect fit.
Matt West August 19, 2011 at 01:01 PM
Hi Brian, Please have Amy send a letter of interest to me (mwest@lansdale.org) by September 2, 2011. Thanks, Matt


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