Spring City Passes Budget with Tax Increase

The increase will raise taxes by .36 mills.

Spring City's Borough Council passed its 2013 budget at Monday night's meeting, and the budget will include an 8.9 percent tax increase for borough residents. 

The new rate is 4.37 mills, an increase of .36 mills. This means residents will pay $4.37 for every $1000 of their assessed property value, so a hypothetical property valued at $100,000 will pay $437 in taxes. 

"It will be an increase of between $30 and $36 [per year] for most residents," said borough manager Dennis Rittenhouse. 

The real estate transfer tax, the occupation privilege tax and the earned income tax rates will stay at 1 percent. Occupational assessments will be 25 mills.

Library project stalls 

The new Spring City Library project hit another snag at Monday's meeting due to some confusion over a planning commission recommendation. 

The library was on the agenda for approval of its preliminary and final development plan. However, an issue with the minutes of the planning commission meeting resulted in the approval being put on hold. 

Terry McCarthy, the library's board president, told council that the library believed it had provided everything that council needed. The planning commission discussed several waivers but unclear language in the planning commission's minutes caused some consternation. 

Due to the issues with the minutes, the commission's apparent recommendation to approve the plan was tabled until the minutes could be amended to accurately reflect the discussion. 

Engineer Tom Smith of Bercek and Smith asked if this meant the project owuld be delayed another month while the library goes back to the planning commission. 

"It's not that you have to go back," said solicitor Robert Romain. "It's that they have to make a recommendation." 

Council president Louis DiGuiseppe said that at the commission meeting, "it was my understanding that we were recommending approval dependent on the borough engineer's review."

Council decided to request that the borough engineer review the plan instead of sending the plan to the Chester County Conservation District, and have his report sent to council for the January 7th, 2013 meeting. 

John Q. Public December 05, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Just once in my life-time, I'd like to see a headline, "Borough passes budget with Tax Decrease."
Stephen Eickhoff December 05, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Never. When times are good, governments raise taxes to take advantage of the potential revenue and start new programs. When times are bad, they raise taxes (known as "getting blood from a stone") to try to support all the expenses they've written indelibly to the budget during the good times. Government tends to grow, and taking an ever increasing share of the people's assets is proof of that.
Local Yocal December 06, 2012 at 11:31 PM
8% really? Time for more cost effective daily management of the borough. I don't see any more services for the 8%. How about code enforcement, visible law enforcement (the new chief is refreshing), and annual rental inspections to fund this 8% increase? When was the last time you got a raise? :) Think voters. THINK!


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