Montgomery County Community College Gets New Mascot

While the MCCC Mustangs mascot may still be looking for a name, it certainly found its place in the college’s school community.

An immediately recognizable face (not to mention mane, tail and hoofs) will now attend Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) sports games and special events.

“We haven’t had a mascot before,” Bruce Bach, MCCC Athletic director, said. “He is a celebrity.”

Debuting at the home opening game of the MCCC Mustangs Men’s Basketball team, Jan. 29, the MCCC mascot wasted no time pumping up fans and reaching out to the community.

The mascot, a grinning white stallion, wears the colors and jersey of the college’s sports teams. While the mascot doesn’t yet boast a name, an MCCC spokesperson stated that the college community is currently being polled for what the name should be, and will soon have a processes to pick a name prior to the end of the academic year.

According to Bach, with the re-launch of the college’s intercollegiate Athletics Program in 2008, having a mascot for the teams will have a significant positive impact on the entire college community.

“It’s a college-wide initiative,” Bach said. “It means a lot for school spirit.”

In addition to the mascot’s sideline duties, Bach also describes the MCCC mascot as being an ambassador for the college. One of the mascot’s first events also took place at the opening game, when the mascot helped hand-out gifts to Audubon YMCA STRONG students, after their half-time dance performance. The mascot also stopped to take several photos with the young dancers.

According to Bach, the mascot is expected to also make appearances at MCCC open houses, new student orientations, community day, admissions recruiting visits and other community outreach events.

For more information, visit www.mustangsathletics.com.

Phillip Green February 06, 2013 at 01:22 AM
How about naming it "Moronic Mustang?" What an incredibly STUPID idea! School spirit? They get maybe 3 people attending any of their athletic events.
Kenny Poe February 06, 2013 at 03:52 PM
It's a mustang? How about "Shelby"? :)
MEH February 06, 2013 at 10:19 PM
I think it's nice. There's nothing wrong with a mascot!
Tracy Kaiser-Goebel February 08, 2013 at 04:44 PM
That is a wrong-headed and ignorant comment, Phillip. If you attended the home basketball games, for example, you would see that there are many more than 3 people in the stands.


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