SFASD: Skyward Saves District $30-50K Yearly

Spring-Ford made the decision to go paperless some time ago and it is paying off according to district officials.

The following clip comes from PRWeb:

The Spring-Ford Area School District in Royersford, Pa. has been moving toward a more paperless school management system for several years with the help of Skyward’s Student Management and School Business suites. This has improved the district’s efficiency, resulting in impressive cost savings. The Skyward Money Tree calculator savings estimate for the District is $27,000 annually. And according to Sarah “Sally” Sacks, they’re actually saving quite a bit more.

“Our overall annual savings is probably between $35,000 and $50,000, including the cost of physical documents we were sending out before, compared to what we send out now,” says Sacks, software specialist at Spring-Ford. “Skyward has enabled us to move forward with our paperless efforts, but there is still a lot of opportunity to become even more electronic in our processes.”

Sacks adds that most of their school management tasks − from student report cards and lunch program low balance notifications for parents to human resources and staff paychecks − have been moved online. Spring-Ford is continuing to move forward with some of the other options on the Money Tree. Their next step is to implement online registration for students, which will provide the district additional savings.

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