Spring City Elementary Launches Hybrid Learning Center

A local school is the first one in the eastern US to implement this type of program.

This release was sent by Spring-Ford Area School District.

Spring City Elementary students, staff and educators, along with district administrators and board members, kicked off the official launch of the Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School on Tuesday, Sept. 18. 

The Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School is only the fifth elementary hybrid learning school in the country, and the first of its kind in the eastern United States. Additionally, Spring City Elementary is the first public elementary school — kindergarten through fourth-grade — to fully transition from a traditional instructional structure to a hybrid learning model.

The district will work with the Pennsylvania Hybrid Learning Pilot Initiative — a partnership of higher education, K-12 schools and educational organizations — to utilize the program at the elementary school. The hybrid learning model being used at the school is a “Rotate-in-Classroom” structure, which provides students with face-to-face and online learning opportunities. Each of the eight classrooms in the hybrid learning school consists of three different computer learning stations: The first is where students will complete assignments individually or with their peers; the second is for classroom assignments; and the third is for student learning and teacher instruction. Throughout the day, students will rotate between the different computer workstations to maximize their learning potential.

The kick off assembly was organized and emceed by Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School Principal Mitch Edmunds. The assembly was marked by acknowledgements of the staff and team that made the hybrid learning school possible. In addition, Edmunds shared with the students how special their school is by showing a map of the United States and how “Spring City Elementary was making history.”

Along with the recognition of this event, the students were addressed by district Superintendent Dr. David Goodin, Spring-Ford Area School Board President Thomas DiBello and Board Vice President Joseph Ciresi. The assembly was commemorated by each classroom sharing handmade quilt patches to recognize the event, along with a schoolwide singing of the song, “Ready to Learn.” The students were also given a Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School T-shirt, which was provided by the building’s Home and School organization.

The assembly concluded with a visit by a special guest, “Rowdy the Ram,” the Spring-Ford Area School District mascot, and a special treat being served at lunch. 

If you would like to learn more about the Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School, please visit the Spring-Ford Area School District website at www.spring-city-hybrid-learning-center.spring-ford.net.


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