Spring-Ford Asking for Student, Parent, Staff Input

A survey will run until Wednesday, December 12.

Spring-Ford Area School District wants to know what its middle and high school students, teachers and parents think about the school's environment and progress.

In order to gather information, the district has opened up a survey, called the "Perspectives on your School" survey, on the district website.

Parents and students have received invitations to participate already. If not, there's a link on the site to get one via e-mail.

Purposes of survey

Superintendent Dr. David Goodin said that the survey furthers Spring-Ford's mission and vision. 

"Our vision is to be the educational provider of choice for parents," Goodin said. 

To that end, the survey asks questions in three areas: academic relevance, focus on achievement, and priority of people.

Academic relevance includes how well the district's classes prepare students for life after high school, whether that's college, a career, or any other choice. 

"If we're teaching math concepts, we want to know how that translates to real life," Goodin said. 

The survey can also be tweaked to focus on specific issues. As an example, Goodin said, they could use the survey to gauge support for new programs. 

Getting and applying results

Once the survey closes the district will get a report on how people answered the survey.

In March of this year, students, parents and teachers participated in the first "Perspectives on your School" survey. Goodin said they had very good responses - 31 percent of parents, 71 percent of teachers and and 47 percent of students responded. 

"There was nothing really surprising," Goodin said. "The perception of all three groups was very positive."

March's survey will also serve as a baseline measurement for future surveys. 

Future plans

Goodin said the district will be doing regular surveys throughout the school year this year and in the future. 

January will bring a student and employee engagement survey. September will see another school climate survey like the current one, and March will bring a survey for parents, staff and community members. 

Doing regular surveys, Goodin said, allows the district to "continue gauging perception and explain the purpose of some things." 

"These surveys are set up to be a two-way communication tool," Goodin said. 

To see the results of the last two surveys, visit Spring-Ford's website and click on the Your Voice button. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and you can see the results available from the last two surveys.  

Parents and students have until Wednesday, December 12 to fill out the current survey. 

SMYRNA-X December 09, 2012 at 03:23 PM
In the latest limerick mailer it stated the 84% of our local tax dollar goes to schools, 11% to montco, and whats left over to limerick. I believe residents, rightfully so, should have high expectations for s-f. With such large student populations where are the extra and co-curricular activities. Rotc, odessey of the mind, science olympiad, debate,ffa, are just a few. This district does not put out as many national merit scholars as it could. Very weak gifted programs through 8 grade. Grouping kids by academic talent should be used. The wcts is a terrible waste of resources. Vo-tech training is great, but we are paying more than our share to operate this program. Again, with this population size we could be doing terrific things over there. I am highly supportive of vo -tech, but offering criminal justice? How is a grad going to immediately enter the work force with this training? S-f needs and deserves full control of that program.
Mike December 10, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Why are the taxpayers prohibited from completing the survey. I understand feedback from parents and teachers that makes sense. I guess I will just pay my $2,900 tax bill with no comment
SMYRNA-X December 10, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Mike, agreed. Sf will take your money, but you can keep you ideas to yourself? Thats public ed all over.
Hipster Kitty December 11, 2012 at 02:20 PM
Mike and SMYRNA-X, there was a public input survey last year. The results from that survey can be found on SF's website. Sorry if you didn't pay attention and participate.
Tom DiBello December 11, 2012 at 02:26 PM
If you want to fill out the survey just go to the district web site www.spring-ford.net and follow the directions. This survey is geared towards parents and students but most likely we will do another survey in the spring for community members as well. Tom DiBello President Spring Ford School Board


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