Spring-Ford Back to Normal Schedule

District schools will reopen on Thursday now that repairs were completed.

Spring-Ford Area School District schools are set to reopen on Thursday now that repairs to the electrical systems are complete following a massive power outage that closed schools for the day on Wednesday.

In a video piece posted today, Spring-Ford Area School District officials explained the cause of the outage that kept Spring-Ford students out of school on Wednesday. 

The high school's own Ram Country TV posted the video earlier today. 

In the video, planning director Bruce Cooper explained that each of the transformers has three phases (a three-phase system is a method of conducting electricity) and one of those phases "crossed a PECO line and caused our transformers to melt down."

At the time of the video, the district was in the process of replacing all four transformers. Many of the safety systems in the school, such as the fire alarms and sprinkler systems, were affected along with the entire electrical system.

Superintendent Dr. David Goodin said, "With half our district being down as far as our facilities, there's no way we could have had school because we couldn't have taken the 3500 students or so and put them in another building."

Goodin said this type of day off is built into the school calendar.

Asked about the cost of the repairs and what it means to taxpayers, Goodin said that the district carries liability insurance and because the damage was caused by a PECO issue, they would be pursuing reimbursement of the costs from PECO.

All the work was completed during the day today and power was restored by 8:00pm.


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