UD High School Ranks in Top 10 for SAT Scores

Upper Dublin High School's average SAT score puts the high school in the top 10 for eastern Pennsylvania.

With a maximum possible score of 2400 on the SAT test, Upper Dublin High School's average in 2011 was 1678, which ranked it number 9 in Southeastern Pennsylvania, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Other neighboring high schools in the top 30 include Lower Merion in 3rd, Wissahickon in 14th, Methacton in 18th, and Hatboro-Horsham in 27th.

The SAT has three sections, reading, writing and math, each section worth 800 points.

Raymond October 01, 2012 at 08:49 PM
I would love to know how many people pay tutors to supplement their kids education in UD. Not only to bring their kids up to speed with the others, but to have them gain an edge. I am just saying, everywhere I go and I say my kids go to UD. I hear the same thing over and over about UD, and it is because of these stupid rankings of standardized testing, and some invalid poll Philadelphia magazine reports that we get ranked in with the top 100, #15 among Philadelphia area schools. I think UD has actually dropped from the top 10 to 15 this year. I think the school's reputation should reflect the quality of the education that all level of learners receive. Now we are just to busy showing off our very expensive school with a performing arts center that doesn't even seat all the students..., and paying exhurbernt taxes to foot the bill.....
Dr Steven Greene October 01, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Raymond... I am sure that there are no such statistics about quantity of people with support... , but I can tell you, as I operate a tutoring operation and academic support service that people get support for many reasons. Some very positive. Also, this is not in any way limited to Upper Dublin, but common in every school and district that I am aware of. Test Prep nationally is a billion dollar business and several national companies are very active in this area. I guess you can conclude on some level that the need for tutoring for academics may be due to 'poor teaching'.. but I disagree. I see many students who are taught very well in school, but are simply overloaded with heavy classwork, exacerbated by sports and other obligations. I don't want to debate the need or lack of need for a new school or facility, but these phenomenon are occurring in most every school not just UD. As colleges get progressively more competitive for admissions, students try and get an edge by using the means that are available to them.
Michael Klein October 10, 2012 at 12:21 PM
How many UD students graduate, go to college, and do well in college shows the strength of our schools and our teachers. For the most part our teachers are excellent and are also pushed by our bright students who want to excel. From what I have experienced personally our students do very well at the colleges they choose to attend. The quality of their pre-college education is a big part of this success. There isn't any big secret why our students excel. Most UD families understand how important good education is today to compete in today's world and are dedicated to getting their child quality education. Let's face it, some kids have trouble learning certain subjects, while others fly through them. The teachers have to find a middle ground to challenge both ends. Therefore, some students may need a tutor to bring them up to speed. However, because everything is so competitive these days I see many "B" or "A" students going to tutors so they can be at the top of their class. My children have said many times that the great education they got in Upper Dublin made it much easier for them to compete in college at the highest level. However, we should never become complaisant and we need to continue to find ways to improve and make our schools better every day, especially in these difficult financial times. I thank the teachers, administration, school board, and the families of Upper Dublin for their commitment to the highest level of education here in Upper Dublin!
Dr Steven Greene October 10, 2012 at 12:59 PM
I would refer to this article http://upperdublin.patch.com/articles/national-trends-show-more-students-taking-act-over-sat-8d0a825e also in the patch about a shift nationally at least in some trends in these standard exams.
Dr Steven Greene October 10, 2012 at 02:28 PM
I don't think many 'educators' or people at large see any correlation between standard test scores and 'success' in college or life for that matter. There are always examples to prove this wrong. Education is a daily process and life long habit. It's about techniques and commitment to larger goals as well as the day to day details and formulas and all the course content. I agree with Michael that the schools do a very good job summarily of preparing students for the next level and I agree with Dresher Mom that these things are difficult to quantify. This said, these tests are one fo the few, if any, national standards that are consistent across all schools so that is where their values (at least statistically) lies. The fact that college weight them in admissions may be troublesome is just part fo the debate.


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