Sources: Pottstown Crime Rate Among Highest in PA

A comprehensive look at crime in Pottstown


A asked Pottstown residents what keeps the town from success. With crime ranking among the top concerns, it is worth taking a closer look at just how bad crime is in Pottstown.

Multiple crime-reporting analytics websites rank some crime in Pottstown higher than Philadelphia, Allentown, Reading, Roxborough, Coatsville, Norristown, West Chester, Quakertown, Conshohoken, Phoenixville, Royesford and King of Prussia.

When compared to cities across the nation, property crime in Pottstown ranks higher among Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Compton - according to one analytics site.  A second site ranks Pottstown with a general crime index higher than those cities.

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Johnthelandlord August 12, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Excuse me? I guarantee you're not very smart. If this is Deb Campbell, like some people think, then you know who I am. I was introduced to you at a meeting of the MCIG last fall. I can't help but think the derogatory comments are yours because that's how I remember you in person. You aren't doing the good investors in the group any favors with these idiotic comments. I haven't been to a meeting for quite a while but I plan on being there on the 28th. I don't know if you still go to the meetings? If you do, I'll see you there and I'd like a chance to talk to you about all this. See you then.
Skittles rainbow August 12, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Yea right, wear your straw hat you fat pig. Your games are wearing thin. You like Romney & Ryan are fakes & phoneys. All you do is blame everyone else & never answer questions. You'd make a great republican. Katy we see that you are a racist, anti-woman, & hate all who don't look like you. Go back to your "red state" out west. Take Tom B. with you, he has a rainbow to ride, slide on the rainbow you fruits!!!!
Julie Jones the 5th August 13, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Does everyone realize it is not about doing favors for the town it is about making the activists lose their shorts in the real estate market and in the courts. This is about the superior knowledge, deep pockets and large group of investors that are now running Pottstown. Activists now answer to us. Activists you are allowed to breath today.
aperson February 03, 2014 at 12:24 PM
You know all of you harassing this Katy woman are lowly and a contribution to the crumbling of society as we know it. YOU ARE WORTHLESS USELESS SCUM! WHERE IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY?! NOWHERE!! What gives you the right to judge her if she is expressing an appropriate concern to this horrible and racist cesspool of a town Pottstown? NOTHING! (black on whites, I can't leave my apartment without people telling me to leave/ threatening me and my boyfriend or calling me a honky and other relate-able racial slurs in regards to white people) I amazingly wasn't racist when I moved here from WEST VIRGINIA (home of racism) and yet here, however, it is a struggle to not become racist. Especially when I watch black people from the window do all this nasty nigger stuff to themselves and each other. It's DISGUSTING and immature. (I mean the old world definition of nigger, by actions not color, you do not have to be black to be a nigger) Mainly black people and their now idiotic, meaningless gangs and associations (I respect what gangs used to be.. a way to protect the community and look out for each other. However this is OBVIOUSLY no longer the case.) created this, they went corrupt and forgot the heritage and purpose of their gangs' founding and by doing so they doomed their community with their nonsense. All thanks to them letting things like GREED (drugs/weapons/etc), PRIDE (rivalries between gangs through small differences of opinions that are as ridiculous as those that separate different types of christian churches, however the small differences in gangs result in rape burglary and death), FALSE ILLUSION OF RESPECT (fear is not respect), LUST (prostitution which promotes human trafficking and spreads and mutates potentially fatal sexually transmitted diseases like a wildfire in the midwest) and a numerous list of other factors. The people whom families come from this town and are still in this town, as well as the gangs and apathetic town government plus its subsidiaries are to blame. Now like Katy here, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
aperson February 03, 2014 at 02:14 PM
Also, You want to complain about Katy suing? What about all the sue-able homes/sidewalks (in case you weren't aware, you are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to clear the walks in front of your dwelling) in this town? It's not her fault that neither tenants or landlords in this town are too damn lazy to keep up with their hazardous crumbling shacks and property they try to pass off as decent townhouses/apartments. Landlords around here should be sued for every penny they have earned because they earned their money by taking advantaged of those who are less fortunate than them and not putting anything back into the buildings or community. Katy, I don't know you, your past is irrelevant to me and I respect what you did.


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