Haven's Brave
The Tale of Haven's Brave is a very special story that explores real world situations in the safety of a fictional setting to show how we can end the vicious cycle of rape and abuse for generations to come by using a fictional story based on real people and events known by, and including, the author himself, to educate adults and children through story-telling, and metaphors on preventing abuse before it begins or dealing with it if has already happened.
It is the author's hope that the novel will raise awareness in both children and adults whether they are victims/survivors of abuse or not. Those struggling with trauma, low self esteem, and depression that is a by-product of dealing with what has been done to them by real life “monsters” will find this heart-warming and empowering tale to be full of lessons and principles they can apply in the real world. The material is appropriate for the 12 – adult age range. Younger children, with the guidance of a parent, teacher, or trainer will get the message by having the story read to them and then having discussions at the end of each chapter regarding the situations discussed with the aim of guiding young minds to awareness and recovery and finding their voice. (A teaching aid for parents and teachers is forthcoming.) The goal is to get this book into the hands of every child, every school, and every organization that helps vicitms of abuse, rape, and bullying.
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