SF-Western Center Sign Issue Continues

A recap of Tuesday night's board of education meeting

The Spring-Ford Area School District met for a workshop meeting on Tuesday night at . Among the main topics discussed were the and an action item on a bond series.

Board member Ed Dressler gave a report of the Joint Operating Committee meeting that was held at the Western Center on Jan. 9. He said the first part of meeting dealt with election of officers. William Scott was renominated to be president and ran unopposed.

The second part, Dressler said, contained thoughts from Director Joe Greb, who presented news about the school. On Dec. 7, several hundred residents attended an open house to see school programs. In an effort to publicize activities at the school, the board solicited a price on the digial sign that is to be placed on the property.

"In phenomenal clairvoyance, six neighbors in area came [to the meeting] to protest sign," Dressler reported. "The sign estimate came in at $25,000. It seemed expensive to some. But, since we already spent $40 million, $25,000 to increase utilization of the school is probably not out of line."

Dressler said the school could go to a lower-level sign, such as one that appears in front of churches or elementary schools, where you place the letters on yourself. That would be under $10,000. There were questions whether a variance would be needed at the meeting, but the answer was still left unopened.

Board President Tom DiBello answered that question, saying he contacted Limerick Township, and since the township passed an ordinance allowing electric signs, and the school would apply to a normal exception to the rule anyway, a digital sign can be placed on the property.

DiBello said he's heard objections to signage like that on that corner because of "electric pollution" and the "town being lit up like Las Vegas."

Board Vice President Joe Ciresi was perturbed by the protests of local residents.

"I have to comment on sign and have to until you’re sick of hearing from me," he said. "We spent $40 million on a building that no one has any idea what it is. There's $3 million left in the bond spent to build the building. The current sign can’t be seen and the sign on the building is useless! They decided to put in vinyl flooring in a vocational school instead of terrazzo, which would have lasted a lifetime. And now, they're going to pick and choose pennies with improvements on the building? We have three out of nine votes, but we pay the most."

The board also took action on the approval of Resolution 2012-01, which is the advance refunding of the General Obligation Bonds, Series of 2003 and 2004. The issuance of General Obligation Bond Series of 2012 will generate a savings of approximately $1.5 million for the district. Solicitor Marc Davis and Superintendent David Goodin both indicated more information about the bonds and further action would be taken at next week's regular meeting.

The board voted unanimously to pass the resolution.

The administration acknowledged the acceptance of a Grant in the amount of $2,000 to . The funds were said to be used to support the Evans Elementary R.E.A.D. (Reading, Exploring, and Discovering Stories), which includes a family reading night in the spring.

Absent from the meeting were Clara Gudolonis, Dawn Heine and David Shafer.

Hipster Kitty January 18, 2012 at 03:20 PM
I wonder if Scooby-Doo and his gang can find where Clara Gudolonis has been hiding.


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