Limerick Police Blotter

A look at the last week's police activity in Limerick Township.

The Limerick Township Police Department logged 172 incidents between Monday, June 6 and Monday, June 13. Of the incidents, 23 were deemed false alarms.

Among the calls to which the police responded were the following incidents of note.

Woman Arrested for Theft

A 20-year-old woman from Philadelphia was arrested on June 7 for stealing $257.64 of merchandise from Neiman Marcus, Dress Barn, The Children's Place and Aeropostale at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Limerick Township.

Zavia Ellaouise Mitchell-Marshall, two unidentified females and a young child were seen trying on shoes at the Nieman Marcus store between 3 and 3:30 p.m. when Loss Prevention saw her take her shoes and place them in the box that held a new pair of sandals. Mitchell-Marshall then put the box back on the shelf and attempted to leave.

Loss Prevention detained Mitchell-Marshall and Officer Shawn Pancoast responded to the call, where she admitted to stealing the items from the aforementioned stores, which were recovered from her purse. The items included jewelry, wrist bands and a pair of shorts.

She was then escorted to the Pottstown Police Department where she awaits arraignment.

Outlets hit again

The outlets were hit again on Wednesday by a 16-year-old of Philadelphia, who was found stealing from Solstice Sunglass.

Officer Christopher Iochum responded to a call made by a Solstice employee who observed the minor acting strangely as he walked into the store to meet with friends. One of the boy's friends was purchasing a pair of sunglasses when the boy slipped the sunglasses into his bag. The employee was distracted by the telephone and did not observe the theft.

As the minor walked out of the store, the alarm went off and the employee grabbed the boy and found the sunglasses, which were not paid for and marked at a $59 value, in his merchandise bag. Iochum came to the scene and made an immediate arrest and citation.

The boy was taken to Pottstown Police Department and then to the King of Prussia bus stop where he was bused back to Philadelphia.

Busy Week for Local Man

Local resident Chris Hill, 42, of the 100-block of W. Ridge Pike was arrested on Wednesday for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct (fighting).

Officer Kevin McGuigan responded to a call around 5 p.m. at Ridgeview Trailer Park where Hill was throwing a man to the ground. McGuigan secured Hill and handcuffed him for fighting when he sensed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Hill.

The man Hill threw to the ground, Anthony Bowling, indicated he was trying to stop a fight from further escalating between Hill and Richard Rambo, 49. Hill and Rambo, along with Denise Bowling, were discussing a fight earlier in the day between Hill and Bowling when Rambo and Hill began to argue. Hill left but came back and began to fight Rambo. Rambo escaped to his residence shortly before police arrived.

Denise Bowling was described by McGuigan as the "only sober party that could explain what took place." Denise said in the midst of the argument between Rambo and Hill, Rambo was seen swinging nunchakus and yelling profanities at Hill. Rambo then pinned Hill to the ground with the nunchakus before the Bowlings broke up the fight. Denise was struck in the back by an unknown aggressor.

Later, Rambo said the fight began over an argument between he and his friend, Hill over the earlier fight. Hill attempted to push over Rambo's motorcycle, which escalated the situation. Rambo denied swinging and using the nunchakus, but they were taken from him by McGuigan. Neither party pressed charges against one another.

On Friday, police responded again to a call about Hill, who started a fight with another person whose identity is unknown. Hill, who was again intoxicated, was cited for harassment.


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